Are there color restrictions in the mother of the bride's dress?

Usually is a good advice to avoid dresses in white, ivory, and champagne color, just because that is the same color as the bride's wedding gown (that's common sense), black dresses could suggest mourning (but it's elegant and not so bad).

Other color restrictions are not so problematic, if only against fashion and good taste (avoid if possible neon and other colors that attract bees and wasps).Only my personal recommendation.

But there are also mothers in white, ivory, perl pink, champagne or related colors who look very chic. Nothing is strictly forbidden.

Red and pink are good classic options and show gorgeous good taste and there are many many other colors, like lavender, silver, burgundy, and shaded of blue.

Simple rule: Before you buy your mother of the bride/groom dress, just talk to the bride and/or groom. They may be very sensitive to the color issue or completely indifferent.

Take also into account the other wedding guests and if what they might gossip (about your dress color choice) could make you unconfortable.

Anyway, everything is relative. As just said, tell the bride and groom about your dress preference. Everything can be discussed!

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