Mother of the Bride Groom Black Satin Dress

Mother of the Bride Groom Black Satin Dress, Sleeveless, Mermaid Silhouette with Jewel Neckline and floor-length. It carries embellishments of buttons, flowers and lace.

Made of lace and satin. Petite, Plus Sizes Available. The perfect outfit for a Military Ball, Wedding Party, Formal Evening.

It is available in black, ivory, white, blushing pink, brown, burgundy, candy pink, champagne, chocolate, clover, daffodil, dark green, gold, pool blue, dark navy blue, fuchsia, grape, ink blue, jade, lavender, lilac, lime green, ocean blue, orange, pearl pink, regency, royal blue, ruby, sage, silver, sky blue and watermelon.

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